I’m a mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend to many. I love writing and baking! I also enjoy traveling, spending time with family, and trying many different foods from all over. I’m a huge foodie!

My goal with creating sugar-free recipes is to help as many as I can in many different areas. For those that can’t eat sugar, in which we are very limited to what we can buy at the store that’s zero-sugar or sugar-free, or even no-sugar. For the limited items we do have, it comes at a high cost with so many more preservatives. I also wanted to create lower-calorie healthier snacks, desserts, and breakfast ideas.

My journey started a couple of years before 2021 when I found out after a test what I need to watch for, other than sugar levels, but also my LDL levels. So, I research healthier meats, watch my saturated fats, and look for the carbs that are healthy. In 2020, I tried keto, lost 18 pounds, then gained a whopping 22 pounds back after I stopped. In 2021 I started down this current path to lose weight and lost 26 pounds. I spent all of 2022 creating this cookbook to share, and I didn’t gain any of the weight I lost in 2021 back at all.

Now that the book is almost done, I’m back on the weight loss plan. My goal is to lose 30 pounds. I know meal prepping and planning can become overwhelming and sometimes even become boring. Who wants to eat the same wrap every day for lunch all week? These are ideas that you can do and split up so that we aren’t doing the same lunch and dinner all week long.

You can follow me on Instagram or even Facebook, where I give more ideas by showing what I’m having for meals. I also like to share when I’ve altered a recipe to make it better or even used one to create something way more. I’ll also update here with these suggestions and ideas also.

My favorite recipe out of the entire book is my Almond Iced Cream. I love ice cream, but they never had one with Unsweetened Almond milk. It took a couple of years and many recipes, but this one is my baby. It does take a couple of extra steps, but for a cake batter iced cream that’s only 44 calories for a serving size that’s a cup and a half, you really can’t beat that. I’ll totally be adding the many different flavors I’m trying for this recipe to give others ideas too.

I’m up for any recipe ideas or suggestions to come up with and create! I also write science fiction and dark fantasy if you would like to take a look at my other works. The Layers Series and Lost Within.